Author's Bio

He is a time traveler in his mind, awake and sees the planet as it is without judgment; he is an observer. Science fiction has played a large part of his life. As his 3 daughters who would testify, many hours have been spent watching Star Trek episodes and movies when they were kids. He loves his motorcycle and makes daily trips to Starbucks to work and observe people. He would describe himself as a global person, a twitter junkie, a You Tuber, and Facebook fanatic. He is a lover of humanity, especially the female variety, a shameless flirt no doubt. Educated in his youth, he earned his B.A. in 1975 and an M.A. in 1980. However, his best education came from life thereafter. He would describe himself as a computer nerd. He writes poetry for his right brain function, but loves the sciences to satisfy his left brain. The author is dad to three wonderful all grown up daughters and grandpa to 6 grand-kids. He resides in a quaint little town in Washington State called Walla Walla.